Nolwenn Salaün

Nolwenn Salaün

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Nolwenn Salaün (b. in Brest, FR) currently lives in Amsterdam. Through writing, photography, sound, video and performance, she explores conscious or instilled mannerisms, tricks and habits that inhere in spaces and bodies. She is preoccupied with closed interiors, gatherings, rooms or groups one cannot easily escape, and in which incoherences in behaviour and spatial disposition emerge. She holds a MFA in Critical Studies from the Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam) and previously studied graphic design in Paris. She was an assistant at Onomatopee, exhibition space and publisher in Eindhoven (NL) before taking up an assistant-curator position at the Parc Saint Léger, a contemporary art center in Pougues-Les-Eaux (FR).


Project while at Can Serrat:

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