CALL RESULT – Summer 2021 – contemporary art practice

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Clara Gari _ cultural manager & director of Nau Côclea (Girona)

Laura Bel _ cultural manager & coordinator of the collective obertencanal (Esparreguera)

Sophie Blais y Sarah Goodchild Robb _ CAN SERRAT



Charlotte Nordgren Sewell


Likewise, the jury has highly valued the proposals of * –

Chloé Mossessian & Henry Mittnacht

Mayana Nell Torres

Clint Wilson

Zineb Akabbouch

Mallory Lowe Mpoka

Geraint Rhys

* We know that it is very difficult to create care spaces within a call, but we want to thank, with all our hearts, all the people who have sent us their proposals. It has been a pleasure to read them, get into their practices and get in touch with them.