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N.B. With the unprecedented impact and uncertainty of the coronavirus, we understand planning for travel may present difficulties.   As a response to the potential obstacles to traveling in 2020, and upon reflecting on ways in which we can continue to work collectively, Can Serrat and g_b, a writing residency based in Colombia, have collaborated and designed a remote online residency as an alternative to the on-site live/work model we have historically worked with.  In the 2nd week of April, we will be doing our first pilot of this new program to troubleshoot the technological tools and analyze the methodology.  We mention this here should you have doubts about submitting an application, to assure you that we are looking for ways we can get to know you and your work no matter what the future circumstances present us with.  We look forward to providing you with more information in the near future.


Can Serrat, approximately 1187 square meters, is an old classic Catalan farmhouse. In 1989, eleven Norwegian artists bought the house and began renovations. Can Serrat is located in the beautiful surroundings of El Bruc, a small town that borders the mountain of Montserrat, and is only 45 kilometers from Barcelona. The house offers several spaces and workshops to work in an impressive natural environment. A pleasant walk takes you from the house to the foot of the mountain, where you can enjoy a spectacular view over Les Agülles de Montserrat.

Can Serrat works as a community where people from different cultures, fields and research topics can meet under the same roof. The house hosts several projects throughout the year in which everyone can participate during their stay here. These include, among others, a residency program selecting contemporary art and writing projects, a non-profit association called Els Amics de Can Serrat that organizes activities within the local context, and a consumer cooperative for local and ecological products called Roca Verde. Each month, the house welcomes and organizes different activities to activate the investigation of the projects in production: debates, a monthly open microphone, a dinner open to everyone, project presentations,

Can Serrat is a space of creation, community and process. As such, the activities we organize are oriented around this idea and reflect an interest in being present in that process, research, question, doubt, understanding, curiosity and debate.


The residency program supports writers and artistic production, offering individual support and resources to each resident according to their needs. The call is open to all topics and mediums. Selected residents will have time and space to work on their own projects while residing in Can Serrat. 



The jury will select 16 proposals to be part of the residence in contemporary art for winter 2021.

The breakdown of scholarships and invitations will be as follows:


  • 1 full scholarship
  • 5 scholarships of 70%
  • 5 scholarships of 50%
  • 5 scholarships of 30%


Check the conditions here.



Anyone from anywhere. It is not necessary to be an artist. It is not necessary to be under 35.  If you are under 18, you must provide a letter from a parent or legal guardian. Individuals, duos, or collectives encouraged to apply.



A PDF file called: “surname_canserrat-CA-WINTERCall”

This file must contain:

  • Artist statement (Can Serrat expects the applicant to give the jury an understanding of their work process and information about their current field of research)
  • Relevant documentation (visual, sound, text, etc.)
  • Project Description (optional)
  • link to website
  • CV / Biography



Catalan, Spanish, French, or English. Other languages will not be accepted.

The application must be submitted using the application form at the end of this page.



Deadline to apply: April 15, 2020, extended deadline

Results announcement: May 2020


Residency Period

February-March 2021



Sophie Blais_Director of Can Serrat

Sarah Goodchild Robb_Artistic coordination and communication in Can Serrat

Laura Bel_Artistic Director and Activist