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Can Serrat, approximately 1187 square meters, is a classic old Catalan farmhouse.  In 1989, eleven Norwegian artists bought the house and renovations began. The space operates as a center for artistic and writing production. Can Serrat is located in the beautiful environment of El Bruc, a small village that skirts the mountain of Montserrat, and is just forty-five kilometers from Barcelona.  The house provides various spaces and workshops for working in an awe-inspiring surrounding natural environment. A pleasant walk along paths and trails leads one from the house to the foot of the mountain, where one can enjoy a spectacular view of Les Agülles, or The Needles, of Montserrat.

Can Serrat functions as a community where people from different cultures, fields, and topics of research can meet under the same roof. The house organizes ongoing projects that everyone is welcome to participate in during their stay here.  These include, but are not limited to, a selected residency program for contemporary art and writing projects, a local nonprofit organization called Els Amics de Can Serrat that organizes activities within the local context, and a co-op for local and ecological products. Every month the house welcomes and organizes different activities in order to activate the research of the projects in production: sound recorded debates proposed by residents themselves, a monthly open mic, a dinner in which we invite local citizens of the village to have a cultural exchange with the household, project presentations, a book club in which we share resources by reading excerpts and texts in various languages, ping pong, and visits to relevant cultural project spaces and other residencies.

Can Serrat is a space of creation, community, and process.  As such, the activities we organize are oriented around this idea and reflect an interest in being present to that process, research, question, doubt, understanding, curiosity, and debate.

Within the residency program Can Serrat offers individual support and resources to each resident as need be. The call is open to all themes and mediums. Selected residents will have the time and space to work on their own projects while in residence at Can Serrat. 

The jury will select 16 proposals to be a part of the summer residency. 

The breakdown will be the following:

– 1 fully funded grant

– 5 grants at 70% cost

– 5 grants at 50% cost

– 5 grants at 30% cost

 Consult conditions here.



Everyone from everywhere. No need to be an artist. No need to be under 35 years old (if less than 18 years all, need of a letter from parents or tutor). Individual, duo, collective.



  • A .PDF file entitled “Last Name_canserrat_CA_SUMMERcall”
  • This document needs to include:
    • An artist statement (A brief summary of your work, themes, reference and/or process within a contemporary context and some information about your current field of investigation)
    • Any relevant documents that allow the jury to understand your work (visual, sound, text, etc)
    • Link to webpage
    • CV and brief biography
  • The application can be in Catalan, Spanish, French, or English.  We cannot accept other languages at this time.
  • The application must be sent using the online form at the end of this page.


Dates of the residency will be:

Full grant: August – September 2020

Partial grants: Between July and September 2020


Deadline to apply: December 15th, 2019

Results will be announced in January 2019


The jury will be composed of:

Sophie Blais (Director) and Sarah Goodchild Robb (Artist coordination and administration)

+ Xavier Acarin __ catalan curator based in NYC __  __ invited curator for PARASITIO project 2019