Rodrigo Sebastián Tisnés Rocca


Writer born in 1979.  In 2014, I published my first novel, Jesús de Valizas, a story about a quixotic and tragicomic modern-day Jesus whose life parallels the life of the Jesus from 2000 years ago and which gave birth to our current age.  In July 2017 I went to live in Buenos Aires, where I completed my second and third novels (still unedited).  One entitled Los apóstoles de Valizas, a continuation of Jesús, and a new one entitled El hombre que fue Onetti, a nightmare that crosses The Metamorphosis with the dense universe of Juan Carlos Onetti.  In July 2019, I was awarded the second prize for Cuentos de Montevideo del 900 in the competition En Perspectiva.  In July 2018, I was awarded the 3rd prize for the story La historia de Sodomía for the 4th Concurso Internacional de Relatos con Humor Alberto Cognini (Córdoba, Argentina).

Rodrigo did his residency in Can Serrat during the month of January 2020.