Foraging the wood _ April 15th, 2018

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>>>> FUTURE EVENT __Can Serrat annual curated presentation of projects




An open work session that involves cooking and talking around the concept of art residency and the history of recollecting and foraging. The meal will be made with ingredients foraged around the forest of el Bruc near the residency of Can Serrat with the artist in residency at Can Serrat. During the workshop and meal, artists and cultural producer Quim Packard will weave together the history of artist residencies and there shared past with colonial exploration. Works by a selection of artists who were in residency during the year 2017 in Can Serrat will be evocated to thread together the ideas of the workshop.

The history of exploration is heavily tangled with the history of exploitation. To discover new horizons to exploit and extract dry has been one of the main objectives behind many exploration missions. The romantic figure of the explorer and wanderer is haunted by this shadow of the colonialist empire. Sadly enough the artist, the explorer and the colonialist

share a common background. A common background that taints the artistic practice with the intrinsic ideology of colonialism, imperialism and global capitalism. How artists conceive their practice and how it is structured within a global economic system is implicitly tied with globalization. Through this workshop we wish to debate this link and try to imagine new paths for the artistic practice that might aim in a different direction. Re-thinking a more locally based model of the artistic economy and profession by understanding its colonial past will be one of the goals of this activity. While eating and cooking we will talk about our relation with the resources the art sector needs to function and if other means of interacting are possible.

It is becoming increasingly undoubtable that we must manufacture, consum, farm and produce locally. We will discuss how can this be translated to the modes of production, organization and economy of the art sector.



April 15th, 2018

Espai Nyam Nyam _

On that day we will walk & gather, talk about art residencies, Marion Balac, travel, explorer, Amery Kessler, traces, colonialism, Anna Wolfe-Pauly, a bit of climate perhaps, Duncan Gibbs, we will experiment with plants, cook and eat.

Artists involved: Quim Packard __ artist & curator _ // Marion Balac _ // Duncan Gibbs _ // Amery Kessler _ // Anna Wolf Pauly _

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