within the first days of each month

from 10am to 4pm

breakfast & introduction at 10am (kitchen)

lunch, buffet style __ at 12pm


a first meeting

group of islands within the house

works with a map

everyone move around

everyone eat and hydrate

everyone talk and listen

in every languages


delimited format __

to your studio space

no projector

no internet



6 hours time, split in 2 groups

after 3 hours, groups switch

each resident is presenting during 3 hours to different persons at different times.


during your presentation time you must

be available to speak about your work as many times as you receive visits

manage your time to see other residents from your group




as for the logistic, it is explained in detail at your arrival


every tuesday

an invitation

to a conversation

proposed by a resident

on a very specific topic

related with her.his own investigation


for the resident it’s a theme of expertise to discuss or a first draft for a new investigation to start or anything we are not thinking about but clearly explained.



to everyone interested in taking part

in the conversation



an art show not a public reading

a passive activity


expected from the initiator to

inform the participants at least a week before

with a clear and limited theme and references

expected from every participant

to come with notes, references, thoughts in order to support the conversation collectively


recorded with sound

published online as a podcast

becomes an archive


every third Wednesday of the month

at 6pm

in front of the City Council

a micro installed for everyone

an invitation to speak, sing, stay silent

an occasion to focus our attention on the sonority of words, the rhythms, the incomprehension, the silence, the awkwardness of being in front of

making use of the public space we are participating in.

for everyone

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