Pete Sheldon

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Pete Sheldon is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech’s Theatre and Cinema program. His notable projects with Virginia Tech include composing for a workshop of Prometheus Bound, directing a thirty minute segment from the play Birdland by Simon Stephens, starring … Continued

James Rudd

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James Rudd is an emerging freelance journalist, creative writer, critic, illustrator and miniature hobbyist who lives between Adelaide, South Australia, and Murcia, Spain. His writing is inspired by tradition, superstition, revolution, connection to land and the spiritual undercurrent of contemporary … Continued

Visit to Barcelona, October 13

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Last Friday 13th we went with the artists and writers resident of Can Serrat to Barcelona to visit several cultural spaces. On this occasion, we were lucky to see the kitchen of the Malpaso Ediciones where José Monfort, head of … Continued

Bárbara Sánchez

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A week ago, on Wednesday 11, artist Bárbara Sánchez presented some of her projects to the residents of Can Serrat. It was really interesting to know more about Bárbara’s work, where fiction, reality, storytelling, cinema, and literature merge. Thank you … Continued

Fien Veldman

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Fien Veldman (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 1990) writes short stories and poetry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Literature from the University of Amsterdam and went to graduate school at McGill University in Montreal. Her short stories have been published in … Continued

Ross Peter Nelson

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Ross Peter Nelson is a playwright from Helena, Montana. His dark comedy on internet surveillance, Becoming Number Six, premiered last October in New Orleans. His short plays have been performed on three continents and several are available from Heartland Plays. In … Continued

Amery Kessler

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Amery Kessler focuses on the spaces and the objects between people. As an object that connects and separates one people from another, Amery’s work gives the formless aspects of relating a more tangible presence. Pulling from experience in music, stage … Continued

Elia Rita Cervera Bravo

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Elia Rita walks over her artistic practice, shaping a path where different disciplines encounter a varied number of ever-changing interests. Her latest research on walking frames it as an aesthetic and political methodology for activating and reclaiming public space, and … Continued

Shir Lusky

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Shir Lusky (born in 1988) is an Israeli photographer and artist, based in Tel-Aviv. She holds a bachelor in art photography and new media from the Neri Bloomfield School of design (2015). Her work involves photography, sculpture, and Installation. In … Continued

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