Maria Palmeiro

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She is a graduate in architecture and urban planning, dedicated to painting since 2011. She is currently finalizing a Master’s Degree in Arts at the School of Communication (ECO) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where she … Continued

Paris Giachoustidis

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Paris Giachoustidis is a precise observer of his environment, either in person, or on the media. His critical practice objectifies the semiology and the culture. Which kind of culture? for sure not only from his own land. His work scrutinizes … Continued

Mihyun Maria Kim

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Mihyun Maria Kim is a Korean-Canadian painter who also works with sound and installation as her works revolve around memories, language, interpretation, and perception.  She grew up in Toronto, and currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. In recent years … Continued

Alexandra Peard

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By day, Alexandra is a copywriter and marketing manager. By night—and early morning—she writes fiction. She is completing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Jury Selection September 2017_Musicians

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Full Grant James Parker Partial Grant #1 Maya Perry Dissonant Partial Grant #2 Eric Lemmon Michael Smith Krumins Radmila Nikogosian Miles Smith Beca Parcial #3 Rodrio Villar Luis Fernandes Hugo Baranger Gisela Fulla-Silvestre Marco Ferrazza

Lucia Leman

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LUCIA LEMAN (b. 1972) is an awarded multi-cultural poet, novelist and creative media practitioner published under two names (i.e. as Lucija Stamać and as Lucia Leman) and in three languages (respectively, Croatian, German and English). She has 27 years of … Continued

Øystein Wyller Odden

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Øystein Wyller Odden (b. 1983 in Telemark) is educated from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (BA 2009). His work with light, objects, and installations is characterized by an intense aestheticism and fascination for technology. He has previously exhibited … Continued

Hanne Grieg Hermansen

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Hanne Grieg Hermansen (b. 1984, Oslo) was educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (MA 2010) and Oslo Academy of the Arts (BA 2008). She has previously taken part in group exhibition at venues such as The Norwegian Drawing … Continued

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