Natasha Cox

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Natasha (b 1988) lives and works in London, and has been involved in running alternative art spaces since 2013. She is currently part of School of the Damned, a non-hierarchical and egalitarian art MA, programmed and run entirely by its … Continued

Maya Perry

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Maya Perry is an artist/musician based in Tel Aviv and New York City. She studied at the Minshar School of Art (Tlv) from which she graduated from in 2017. Her work focuses mainly on the dialogue between the conscious and the … Continued

Can Serrat Wishes You Happy 2018!

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Happy 2018 everyone! Here in Can Serrat we have celebrated the Australian New Year first, and continue with the Korean, then the Turkish, Finnish, Spanish, French, Norwegian, after the Colombian, the United States, the Mexican, the Cuban, the Canadian and … Continued

Jury Selection_Visual Artists_October 2017

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Full Grant Olivia Hernaïz Grant #1 Jaime Iglehart Ted Wiggin Nolwenn Salaun Yeon Jin Kim Grant #2 Anna-Maria Hällgren Marcelina Wellmer Alona Vinç Amery Kessler Juan de Dios Morenilla Zaloa Ipiña Kelly Lloyd Marie Skeie Katherinne Fiedler Guttormsen Juan Narowé Carvalho Garcia Charlie Cousins … Continued

Maria Palmeiro

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She is a graduate in architecture and urban planning, dedicated to painting since 2011. She is currently finalizing a Master’s Degree in Arts at the School of Communication (ECO) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where she … Continued

Paris Giachoustidis

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Paris Giachoustidis is a precise observer of his environment, either in person, or on the media. His critical practice objectifies the semiology and the culture. Which kind of culture? for sure not only from his own land. His work scrutinizes … Continued

Mihyun Maria Kim

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Mihyun Maria Kim is a Korean-Canadian painter who also works with sound and installation as her works revolve around memories, language, interpretation, and perception.  She grew up in Toronto, and currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. In recent years … Continued

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